Our Mission

The Pulaski Community Youth Center provides a healthy, promising place where our children, youth, and families feel a sense of belonging, create lasting memories, and are empowered to be the good for themselves, others, and their neighbor.

child sitting in front of table with white animal toy and containers of paints
girl holding purple and green camera toy

Our Vision

PCYC will create a community where everyone is valued and inspired to create a high quality of life with the skills and resilience to be a leader for their family, at school, at work, and in our community.

What we do

With focuses on creativity, team-based problem solving, and the development of positive social skills, our staff compassionately guides children through activities that strengthen values, build resiliency factors, engrain life skills, and empower our youth to explore life's possibilities.

We do this by providing a variety of programming opportunities for children 5-12 throughout the year. 

Our Programs